The Grand Budapest Hotel Paired With Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue) Ale

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a 2014 comedy / drama written and directed by Wes Anderson,.  It based on a story by Anderson and Hugo Guinness.  It stars Ralph Fiennes, and huge cast of supporting players, including Tony Revolori, F. Murray Abraham, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Harvery Keitel, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, and Owen Wilson.  The follows Monsieur Gustave H. (Fiennes), the concierge of a resort in the mountain of the Republic of Zubrowka.  Gustave is a framed for murder by a powerful widow (Swinton).  Gustave and his young protégé Zero (Revolori) take off for an adventure searching for a fortune and a priceless painting during the time of Nazi expansion.  The film explores corrupt power, friendship, loyalty, historical and cultural belong through Anderson’s thoughtful and whimsical lens.  It was nominated for nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director and won four for Best Original Score, Best, Production Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Costume Design.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs the film with Chimay Grand Reserve (Blue) Ale.  This strong Belgian Dark ale was originally produced as a Christmas ale in 1948, and has a ABV of 9%.  Chimay is unique as it by Trappist monks.  This beer pours a deep amber with a creamy head.  You get the aromas of dark fruits, plum, prunes, caramel, and spices.  It tastes of caramel, spices, with note of plum, prunes, raisins, cherries, bread, with right amount of carbonation.  It is a very good beer!  I chose this beer because it has a strong historical and cultural ties to the region of Europe it is produced in.  I can image Zero serving this well-crafted beer to the travelers staying at this fine hotel.

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