“Training Day” Paired With Corona Extra

“Training Day” is a 2001 crime film directed by Antoine Fuqua, with script by David Ayer.  It starts Denzel Washington, and Ethan Hawke.  The movie follows two LAPD narcotics cops over a day in the gang-ridden areas of Westlake, Echo Park, and South Central Los Angeles.  Washington is giving the opportunity to play a bad guy and pours himself into the role with an amazing performance.  As with all movies that have Fuqua at the helm, you get wonderfully photographed action and tense drama.  The last 15-minutes brings the film full circle with an ending that works if you do not think about it too hard.  The film earned to Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor (Washington) and Best Supporting Actor (Hawke), with Washington winning for Best Actor.  This movie spawned a 2017 television series that ran one season.  There are rumors that a prequel is in the works at Warner Brothers.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this film with Corona Extra.  This America Adjunct Beer has an ABV of 4.6%.  It pours a light gold with a small head.  It is a skunky smelling beer with notes of grains and corn.  It tastes of rice, and corn.  It is a sweeter beer without bitterness.  It is often served with a wedge and lime, and it adds to the flavor and ritual of drinking this beer.  This beer was picked because this easy drinking beer will cool you down while the tense in the movie is slowly and relentlessly ratcheted up.  Let the lime and beer work on you to help you ignore the plot gaps at the end of the film.

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