Rule #4 For Pairing Beer With Movies

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies has some rules for pairing beer with movies. Rule #4 When watching a movie about sports pick a Light Beer.  I managed a bar for a long time that was frequented by a lot of professional athletes and they drink for the most part Light Beer – especially the baseball players.  I am suggesting that you drink what the players would drink.  The other reason for Light Beer paired with these movies we are aging, and our bodies are changing.  Being an adult usually means that we can no longer spend the time that a professional athlete does in the gym.  Your Body Mass Index (your body fat) is not going to be under 10%.  I know I need to watch my calories, so Light Beer is an option.  Try pairing Light Beer with movies like “Bull Durham”, “Friday Night Lights”, and “Bring It On”.

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