“Becoming” paired with “Scuttlebutt Brewing Company’s Tripel 7 Ale

“Becoming” is a 2020 documentary directed by Nadia Hallgren about Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States.  The film follows her on her 34-city book tour to promote her memoir “Becoming”.  It shows footage from her time on her husband’s campaign trail, her life as First Lady, and what her life is like now.  She is shown doing interviews on arena stages to promote her book and in more academic settings talking to students.  It gives you glimpses who she is and who she aspires to become.  The film is a very uplifting experience.  The movie was released on Netflix and got generally positive reviews.

The Beer Lover’s Guide to the Movies pairs this film with Scuttlebutt Brewing Company’s Tripel 7 Ale.  The Beer has an ABV of 9.0%.  The ale is a cloudy orange brown with a white head that quickly disappears.  It smells bready with suggestions of pepper and nuts.  It tastes of orange, clove, wheat, and yeast.  It is well balanced and masks the higher alcohol content well.  It has a medium mouth feel to it.  It is not a classic Belgian-style Tripel.  It is a new take on the classic, and this is why I chose the beer to go with this film.  Michelle brought her personality and character to the public, which was uniquely her when she stepped into public service.  The beer makers also bring something unique to them with their twist on this style of beer.

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