“The Vast of Night” paired with Pabst Blue Ribbion (PBR)

“The Vast of Night” is a 2019 science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Patterson.  It stars Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz.  The film’s framing devise presents it as an episode of Paradox Theatre, which is an homage to the Twilight Zone, which was a sci-fi anthology television series. The film follows two teens in the 1950s in the small town of Cayuga, New Mexico.  Fay is a switchboard operator, and Everett, is a late-night radio DJ.  They team up to investigate a strange sound coming through the radio and the switchboard while the rest of the town is at the local high school’s basketball game.  This is a very intimate character driven film, that if it were not a movie, it could have worked wonderfully as a radio play.  It does feature some creative camera work.  The film feels like it has a much bigger budget that it does, mostly because of the creativity of the director, cinematographer, and the production staff.  It was praised by the film critics.  The film was released in drive-in and on Amazon Prime Video.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this film with Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR).  This American Lager has an ABV of 4.74%.  It is a translucent gold color with a thick white foam that fades quickly.  It smells of grains and hops.  It tastes grassy with a touch of yeast.  It has a fuller body to it than you might expect from this mass-produced beer.  The beer appeals to both young hipsters as well as those that are older.  I chose the beer because it has a wide appeal and has a cool retro vibe to it, much like the film does.  So, if you wear horned-rimmed glasses now because they are cool, or wore them in the 1950s or 1960s, this beer and film combo is for you.

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