“Inside Man” paired with Icicle Brewing Company’s Bootjack IPA

“Inside Man” is a 2006 crime film directed by Spike Lee with script by Russell Gewirtz.  The film starts Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Willem Dafoe, and Christopher Plummer.  The movie is about a bank robbery that takes place in New York City.  The film follows two detectives as they try to diffuse the situation as they interact with the mastermind of the crime.  The head of the financial institution has a secret that he is hiding in the vaults of the bank.  He hires a fixer to make sure his secrets are safe.  Spike Lee’s fingerprints are all over the film but not his DNA as he was a director for hire for this film and not the creator of the project.  He does get great performances from the actors.  The film feels a little long, and it never explicitly explains what the bank robbers were after, which could have added to the film had that been explored more.  The film did well at the box office and with the critics.  A sequel to the film was made and released on Netflix in 2019.

The Beer Lover’s Guide to the Movies pairs this film with Icicle Brewing Company’s Bootjack IPA.  This is an American style IPA with an ABV of 6.5%.  The beer pours copper with an eggshell head.  The aroma is of citrus and intense floral notes.  It tastes bready with some pineapple, melon, caramel, and spice.  The beer is well balanced with a bitter lingering finish.  I chose this beer because it is intriguing as it unravels and plays with your senses as you sip it, which is a pleasurable experience.  The film is also pleasurable as it unravels.

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