“Creed II” paired with Guinness Extra Strout

“Creed II” is a 2018 sports film directed by Steven Caple, Jr. and written by Sylvester Stallone and Juel Taylor, from a story by Sascha Penn and Cheo Hodari Coker.  It is the eighth movie in the Rocky Balboa film series.  Stallone and Michael B. Jordan reprise their roles for the series.  The movie also features Tessa Thompson, Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, Wood Harris, and Phylicia Rashad.  The story focuses on earlier elements from the Rocky franchise and brings Donnie Creed to fight Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, the boxer that caused the death of Donnie’s father, Apollo Creed in the 1985 film “Rocky IV’.  This film is bigger, flashier, and trying to do more than the 2015 “Creed” which it follows.  The film still effectively shows us a great story that hits upon everything you want in this franchise.

The Beer Lover’s Guide to the Movies pairs this film with Guinness Extra Stout by Diageo.  This beer has an ABV of 5.6% and appears like dark coffee with thin tan head.  It tastes of dark fruits, chocolate, and coffee with very mild hops.  I chose this beer because you want to savor this beer, much like you want Donnie Creed to savor his hard-fought victories in this movie.

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