“Buffalo Boys” paired with Blue Moon Belgian White

“Buffalo Boys” is a 2018 Indonesian-Singaporean action film directed by Mike Wiluan, who developed the story for it with script by Rayya Makarim and Raymond Lee.  The film stars Ario Bayu and Yoshi Sudarso.  This movie follows Jamar (Bayu) and Suwo (Sundarso) who are brothers and their uncle who return home form North America after working on the Transcontinental Railroad.  The trio liberate a Javanese village from its evil Dutch administrator and his henchmen.  This film has great action and adventure.  The fight scenes are a fun combination of martial arts and American wild west gun slinging.  The film was Singapore’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Academy Awards for 20

The Beer Lover’s Guide to the Movies pairs this film with Blue Moon Brewing Company’s Blue Moon Belgian White.  The company is owned by the Molson Coors Brewing Company.  This is a Belgian style witbier with an ABV of 5.4%.  The beer is a dusty orange gold color with a thick white head.  Is smells like citrus and yeast.  It tastes like oranges, and nutty bread.  It is a good anytime sort of beer.  The Confederation of Belgian Breweries tried to liberate the term “Belgian White” from the bottle in 1999.  The confederation felt that by having that term on the label Americans would believe that Blue Moon was made in Belgium.  Molson-Coors settled out of court and “Belgian-Style Wheat Ale” was added to the label.  I chose Blue Moon to go with the film because they were both involved with conflicts of liberation.

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