Infernal Affairs Paired With Bass Ale

Infernal Affairs is a 2002 crime film from Hong Kong that is directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, from a script by Mak and Felix Chong.  It stars Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, and Eric Tsang.  It is about a police officer that goes undercover to infiltrate the Triad, and a member of that Triad that goes undercover and infiltrates the police department.  It is a great movie.  It is a Chinese Language film, so I had to read the sub-titles, and I loved it.  It is wonderfully acted, and the pacing is refreshingly different from American crime thrillers.  It was nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film by the Academy of Motion Pictures.  It has spawned two sequels.  Martin Scorsese remade the film in 2006 as The Departed.

The Movie Lover’s Guide To The Movies recommends pairing this movie with Bass Ale.  This beer is an English Pale Ale with an ABV of 5.1%.  It is a light amber or reddish color with the aroma that is sweet, malty, and with a touch of citrus.  It is well balanced and tastes slightly sweet, fruity, flowery, and just enough hops.  I chose this beer to go with this film because is thought of as an English beer, but it is really something else, as is it is made in Baldwinsville, New York.  The beer got its start in Straffordshire or Luton-Bedfordshire, England around 1777.  It was purchased by the company that is now Anheuser-Busch InBev.  Thanks to globalization and consolidation of brewing facilities it is brewed in the United States.  It is now an American beer that is undercover as an English beer.

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