The Hustle Paired With Hoegaarden Brewery’s Hoegaarden Original White Ale

The Hustle is a 2019 comedy that is a gender-swap remake of the 1988 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which itself is a remake of the 1964 Bedtime Story.  The movie is directed by Chris Addison, with a script by Jac Schaffer and at her insistence credit the writers of the other two films, Stanley Shaprio, Paul Henning, and Dale Launer.  This movie stars Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Alex Sharp and Ingrid Oliver.  The film is about two con artists in Europe, one who is very refined, Hathaway, and one who is not, Wilson.  Hathaway takes Wilson under her wing for training, then the two set out to con an internet millionaire.  This film, as well as the two movies it is based on, are quite similar and all rather good watching.  This film did well at the box office.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs this film with Hoegaarden Brewery’s Hoegaarden Original White Ale.  This beer is a Belgian Witbier and has an ABV of 6.4%.  The aromas have notes of coriander, nutmeg, pepper, and citrus.  It tastes like it smells and has a medium mouth feel to it.  Hoegaarden has been remade several times, just like the film.  There are records dating back to 1445 of monks selling beer in the village of Hoegaarden until the 1950s.  In the 1960s, Pierre Celis, started a brewery and started making beer their again.  In 1985 a fire destroyed the brewery, and he got a loan to rebuild from Inbev.  Inbev pressured Celis to change his beer and make it so it could be more mass produced.  Celis sells the brewery and moves to Texas to continue making the beer and in time went out of business.  The brewery in Hoegaarden kept going.  In 2005 Inbev wanted to close the brewery and transfer the making of the beer to another town.  The locals protested and in 2007 the Hoegaarden brewery got a 60-million-euro upgrade and it continues to this day.  I chose this beer to go with The Hustle because both have been remade over the years, but like the movie, the beer remains like the original Witbier first produced so many years ago.

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