Raiders Of The Lost Ark Paired With Elysian Brewing Company’s Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a 1981 action film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Lawrence Kasdan with story by George Lucas and Phillip Kaufman.  It stars Harrison Ford and Karen Allen with support from Paul Freeman, Ronald Lacey, Joh Rhys-Davies, and Denholm Elliott.  The film follows Indiana Jones (Ford) an archaeologist, who battles to recover important objects that are the subject of mythology from his rivals and Nazis.  Jones and his colleagues search for the Ark of the Covenant, which was lost to history.  They movie is in the style of serial films, which were popular from the 1930s to the 1950s.  Each chapter in a film series like this would have a dramatic climax.  This film is filled with non-stop excibecause of this.  It crushed the box office with all the money it made, was nominated for eight Academy Awards, and won five of them, including one for Special Achievement in Sound Effects Editing.  It spawned three sequels and a television show about the adventures of our hero as a teen.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs Elysian Brewing Company’s Super Fuzz Blood Orange Beer with this film.  This is an American Pale Ale with an ABV of 6.4% and only made in the spring and summer months.  This beer is a hazy orange or amber color.  You get lots of orange, as it is made with orange peels and blood oranges, malt, and a touch of floral on the nose.  It tastes of orange but not so much that if overpowers the combination of malt and hops.  It has a medium mouth feel to it.  I chose this beer to go with Raiders of the Lost Ark, because it reminds me of summer.  Some of the settings for the film invoke that long hot summer feel, be it in a jungle or a desert.  Raiders of the Lost Ark was a summer blockbuster just like this beer.

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