Shaun Of The Dead Paired With Mac And Jack’s African Amber Beer

Shaun Of The Dead is a 2004 comedy about the an apocalyptic zombie attack in which the heroes hold up in a local pub with their loved ones.  It was co-written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to also handled the directing chores.  Pegg also starred in the film, along with Nick Frost.  The movie is a parody of the zombie movies of George Romero.  It is a gory movie, as it is about zombies, but a funny one.  The film was acclaimed by the critics and did well at the box office.  It is the first of three movies the trio did together.

The Beer Lover’s Guide To The Movies pairs Mac and Jack’s Brewery’s African Amber.  This Pacific Northwest Beer is now available in cans – something positive happened because of Covid.  This unfiltered beer has a cloudy look to it, and smells of Carmel and brown sugar.  It tastes sweet, floral, hoppy and with a rich malt flavor.  It is a particularly good beer that should accompany this exceptionally good film.

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