Classic Rainier Beer TV Ads

The Rainier Brewing Company was a Seattle, Washington company that brewed Rainier Beer, which was a popular brand in the Pacific Northwest. In the late 1990s, the company was sold to Stroh’s, then to Pabst Brewing Company.  Rainier is now brewed under contract in Irwindale, California by Pabst.

During a period from the 1973 to the 1985, Rainier ran memorable television ads in the Pacific Northwest, largely conceived by Seattle advertising company Heckler Boweker.  Terry Heckler head the team of advertising professionals, which included Ed Leimbacher, and Joe Hadlock.

The ads were creatively different, fun, and for the day entertaining.  Two examples of this creativity are reflected the “Running of the Mountain Fresh Rainiers” television ad, which was a parody of the Running of the Bulls in Spain featuring bottles with legs, while another was of frogs that croaked “Rainier Beer”, which was copied by Budweiser.  Another ad featured a motorcycle that revved “Raiiiiiiiii-nieeeeeeeer-Beeeeeeeer” while zooming by along a mountain road. The following are some examples of that creativity.

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