The Norse Sea God Ægir: Brewing For Asgard

Beer was important to the Vikings. In Norse mythology Ægir, the sea god, his wife Rán, and their nine daughters, brewed ale and mead for the gods.  In the epic poem “Lokasenna”, it is told that Ægir would host a party where all the gods would drink the beer, he brewed for them.  He made this in a giant kettle that Thor, Norse God of Thunder. had brought.  The cups in Ægir’s hall were always full, magically refilling themselves when emptied.  This is must be why in “Thor: Ragnorok”, when Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Cinematic Universe gives Thor a glass of beer that refills itself, Thor is not so surprised, as he has had experience with this sort of thing before.

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