Ninkasi Goddess Of Beer

Beer has an awfully long, and distinguished history. Beer making started before anyone got around to making wine and whiskey.  It is believed that once people settled down and learned to cultivate grains, 13,000 years, we learned about fermentation and started brewing.  Beer played a central role in developing the world as it linked with producing agriculture, medicine, urbanization, and trade.  In ancient Sameria, in the 5th Century, B.C., we find documentation of the deliberate production of ale in the form of a poem.

Two clay tablets from that period were found and translated.  Housed in the tablets was the poem “Hymn to Ninkasi”.  Ninkasi was the patron goddess of beer and brewing in Sumer.  The poem is a recipe for brewing beer.  It tells us how it is made so it could be passed down from one generation to the next.  The poem showcases the importance of brewing, as well as the responsibility that women of that era had to supplying the household with beer and bread. 

The Ninkasi Brewing Company in Oregon is named for the goddess.

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